Welcome to my car tracker site! I briefly want to describe the goals of this website and it's underlying technology. It all started with a wish to easily monitor my cars position and it's movements even when I am not the one driving it. For some newer cars there exist solutions integrated into the car by the manufacturer. This however doesn't help if your car is older or you do not want to use the service or do not trust the manufacturer. So I started looking for a solution.

I found the traccar project. The project offers a universal server for lots of different tracking devices and even an own Android client. Installing the java based server on my own machine was pretty straight forward. All information is stored in a MySQL database. This allows easy manipulation and extraction of the collected data. I havn't done any modifications to the server but developed an own web interface. Although traccar has one, I wanted a better user management and integration into other content. Therefore I created the interface using the Joomla CMS. It features most of the features of the original interface but it is still in development.

In my car I am using an old Android phone that is sending the data to the device. The standard client is only using mobile data networks. Although these are becoming more common, they are often unreliable mostly in rural areas. Because traccar is an open-source project I extended the original client adding features to retrieve the information via SMS and to update the configuration through control messages.

What is yet to come? The website has currently no feature to allow automatic user registration as Joomla and traccar use both different databases. The client needs geofences and some logging features in the client itself.

If you want to try it out yourself, log in using the user and password "demo". You can also create an account and I will activate your account.

If you are interested in the project you can get in touch via github or ello.